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       Boo Boo Clinic Par-TEA     

$299/12 Guests (including guest of honor)


Welcome to the Boo Boo Clinic! We'll put on our lab coats and stethoscopes to perform magical checkups on our stuffed pets and dolls that each guest will bring to the party. First we'll get all dolled up with sparkly makeup and polish before we fix up our animal friends. This is an absolutely adorable party for Doc McStuffins fans!


Your party will include:

*Party is one hour and 45 minutes.

*Doc McStuffins tea table décor complete with linens, china tea cups and centerpieces.

*Pink lemonade or apple juice "tea".

*Adorable lab coats for each guest to wear.

*Shimmery make up application, glitter and lip gloss.

*Stuffed pet or doll check ups. (Guests bring their own stuffed pet)

*Games and a Pet Parade on our pink runway!

*Gift opening if time permits. If you wish to open gifts at home, please let us know before your party starts.


$299.00 includes all of the above for 12 guests

***(birthday girl is included in the 12)***

$20.00 per extra guest


Party Add-ons:

Party favor bags - $4.00 each

Glitter tattoo - $3.00 each

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